Friday, April 02, 2010

Some Appalling Housing Conditions Still Exist in Fton

Yesterday, I was called by a lady who wanted to show me the condition of a small apartment she had lived in for years. Just two weeks ago, she was able to transition to a newly constructed affordable housing unit that opened in our city in early 2009. The condition of her former apartment was simply shocking.

Now, there are many questions that must be asked: Why was her Landlord so negligent? Was her Lanldord negligent? Why did she stay there so long? Did she even have a lease? Did she advise anyone of the terrible conditions? Are there unlying issues she didn't mention to me? Did anyone (friend, family, gov't officials, etc.) know about this before?

These are questions that must be asked and perhaps, there are no real answers. However, it does expose the deplorable conditions that some of our most vunerable residents live with. Some times it may be self-inflicted or self-imposed, but often it is becasue they have no one to turn to or to speak for them. As a city, and a society, we simply must do better.

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