Wednesday, April 14, 2010

City,U-Pick reach deal on land use

The city reached an agreement for a 15 month lease extension with a local businessman for the continued operation of a U-Pick berry operation off of Sunset Drive. Following is the link to the Daily Gleaner report published on April 15/10:

What do you think of this agreement? Is it good for the city? Before deciding, here are some + and (-) points to consider:
+: A convenient and fun service within our community
+: Maintains some green space in our city
+: Has been in operation for 20+ years
(-): Rental income to city is minor; housing development as planned for that site would generate significant taxation income for city to assist in paying for other services (police, transit, snow removal, etc)
(-): No housing there means hundreds may build outside the city - many on 1 acre lots; more trees removed and more fuel consumed by those travelling into the city to work

I present this, and these issues, to show that as Councillors, we are always faced with making decisions that are supposed to be in the best interest of the entire city. What is the right decision is this case? Please one person but upset another. Keep some green space but lose trees elsewhere. Don't develope here which keeps local traffic calmed but put more cars on the road elsewhere travelling greater distances. Keep things as they are and don't develope but lose future revenue to fund city services.

What do you think?

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