Wednesday, April 07, 2010

2009 Daily Newspaper Paid Circulation Data
(as published by the Canadian Newspaper Association on April 07/10)

Canada’s daily paid circulation stood at 4.1 million copies on an average publishing day in 2009, and 26.9 million copies in an average week. There were 96 English and French paid-for dailies in Canada last year, two less than in 2008 and three less than in 2007.

The statistics for New Brunswick are:
Telegraph-Journal: Weekly Total = 197,667
The Daily Gleaner: Weekly Total = 127,783
Times & Transcript:Weekly Total = 221,712
L'Acadie Nouvelle: Weekly Total = 121,800

In comparison, the top three in Canada were:
Toronto Star: Weekly Total = 2,198,214
The Globe & Mail: Weekly Total = 1,891,629
La Presse: Weekly Total = 1,505,992

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