Friday, April 02, 2010

March 29/10 Council-in-Committee in Brief

Three items were the agenda for City Council to consider at the Council-in-Committee meeting of March 29. A recommendation allowing Remi Aucoin to operate a rickshaw business in Fredericton will move to the next regular Council meeting for formal approval.

Wayne Tallon, director of the Community Services Department gave city councillors an update on the progress of the new Grant•Harvey Centre. He showed the new site map, floor plans and architectural rendering of the building. See my post (above) for all the details.

Finally an overview of the recommendations from the Business Process Improvement for the Office of the City Clerk was presented. The purpose of the BPI was to re-establish core functions for the office, streamline cumbersome processes, and make the best use of available technology.

Key solutions looked at the way council and committee packages are prepared, with the intent of relying more on technology and reducing paper, assigning advertising of bylaw info to the legal division, and letting the human resources division handle all aspects of employee long service awards.

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