Thursday, May 20, 2010

N.B.'s Bricklin gets new life on stage (as posted by CBC NB on May 19/10)

A new musical will be staged this summer about an infamous chapter in New Brunswick history.

The Bricklin is being called an automotive fantasy. It tells the story of the real-life government-sponsored venture to manufacture a gull-winged sports car in New Brunswick in the 1970s.

"This is a crazy story," said Tim Yerxa, executive director of the Fredericton Playhouse, which commissioned the work. "We built a production car in New Brunswick. It was a dream of an American entrepreneur," he said. "It was a dream that New Brunswickers bought into — some New Brunswickers bought into and it was a dream of one of our most charismatic premiers, Richard Hatfield.”

The Bricklin eventually failed and New Brunswick taxpayers lost millions of dollars.

Bricklin was written by Allen Cole and Paul Ledoux. It is co-produced with Theatre New Brunswick. It opens July 30.

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