Monday, May 03, 2010

Council in Brief: April 26

It was a long agenda for the Council meeting of April 26. The Mayor started the meeting by announcing the City had received its ISO 9001:2008 re-certification. Numerous special events were approved, including FredRock, to be held near the rugby club this year.

Further to the artificial turf field announcement of April 16, City Council authorized the Mayor and City Clerk to sign the necessary documents. Paperwork related to the first phase of funding for the Fredericton Area Pollution Control Plant was also authorized.

Authorization was given to acquire property from 271 Regent Street to add to the public right of way. (A tender was later approved to jack the building up, move it back and put a new foundation under it.) Property was also acquired at 633 Queen Street to facilitate street widening for the convention centre.

Approval was given to install a commemorative monument for Alexander “Boss” Gibson along the trail near Carleton Park. Seven tenders for roads & streets, water & sewer projects were approved. Five buildings were added to the Local Historic Places Register.

First and second reading was given to a bylaw to establish the Fredericton Lands Commission. Third reading was given to new parking rates and times, to come into effect on May 1.

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