Thursday, February 18, 2010

Traffic Study Recommends Bold Initiatives (February 18, 2010)
A 3rd bridge for Fredericton, a Route #08 overpass to allow the extension of Smythe Street to Bishop Drive, and wider use of "roundabouts" are just some of the $150-million worth of recommendations contained in the Capital City Traffic Study presented on February 18th to the City's Transportation Committee.

The major expenditure recommended for the next two years involves a $1.6 million upgrade to Regent and Queen Street. Among other short-term priorities are the installtion of traffic signals at the intersection of Forest Hill Road and the ramp coming from the south end of the Princess Margaret Bridge, and at several other locations.

In the two-to-five-year term the report recommends a $12-million investment in the Marysville bypass within City's limits; a $3-million roundabout at the north end of the Princess Margaret Bridge and a $2.5 million Two Nations Crossing interchange (over the Ring Road) coupled with the elimination of the southbound left turn land off of Ring Road onto Maple Street.

In the longer term the report recommends the construction of a $110-million third bridge at the west end of the city, as well as three more northside roundabouts at Ring Road/Brookside Drive, Union Street/Gibson Street amd Riverside Drive/Watters Drive.

The vast majority of the forecasted funding is the responsibility of the Province of New Brunswick. The City's contributions can be achieved through its annual pay-as-you-go budget allocations.

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