Thursday, February 18, 2010

Proposed Two Nations Crossing/Ring Road Overpass
The City of Fredericton has been lobbying the Province of New Brunswick for several years for this important overpass (I referenced this overpass in the previous blog posting).The overpass would permit southbound Ring Road traffic to enter onto Two Nations Crossing, as well as permitting Two Nations Crossing traffic to access the Ring Road to cross the Westmorland Street Bridge.

This north/south access is not only crucial for the effective movement of vehicles, but also will permit the City to consider implementing a much needed "east-west" transit bus route.

I am hopeful the provincial Department of Transportation will commence construction of this overpass in 2011.

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Lori said...

Mike I have to say one of the best ideas I have heard this year. Easier access and the ability to implement a new bus service heer is crucial. I am once again impressed with your thiking and always positive copntributions to our great city!!