Friday, October 28, 2011

Green Shops medals presented to six city businesses

October 24, 2011 - Six more Green Shops were recognized at City Council this evening, for their efforts to reduce their environmental impact, and conduct business more sustainably.

“The Green Shops members receiving medals tonight are a shining example of how businesses in Fredericton have stepped up efforts around environmental sustainability,” said Mayor Woodside. “By acknowledging that a reduction in environmental footprint is directly correlated to an improved bottom line; these recipients, the owners, employees, customers, and the community all benefit”.

All four of the Fredericton NB Liquor stores joined Green Shops and have achieved silver status, and the ANBL Corporate Headquarters has joined the sister Green Matters Certified program. In addition to their Province-wide plastic bag fee policy, individual stores have stepped up by implementing a number of energy efficiency and waste management actions, and completing between 56% and 67% of the applicable “green” actionable items. These include packaging reuse, paper reduction policies, and discontinuing the use of bottled water.

The Belton Group, a progressive marketing firm, received a gold medal. Belton sent out over 11 million electronic messages last year on behalf of client partners, which saved approximately 1300 trees! They also provide a green ‘hosting’ platform for websites – TBG Green that is wind powered and rain water cooled. Most of the 92% of completed acts of green are related to employee action, such as energy efficient electronics, staff bike racks, along with100% of applicable recycling and waste management acts completed.

Wilson Insurance has made it to gold medal status by reducing office waste by over 25% by implementing a recycling program in both of their Fredericton offices. They have also started a green bin program with the use of an army of red worms to aid in the compost process. People are so intrigued with the workings of red-worm composting, that staff have already had to add more bins to accommodate all of the organic waste. Wilson Insurance received a gold medal for completing 90% of applicable green actions.

Green Shops was created by the City of Fredericton three years ago as a way to encourage the business community to embrace environmental sustainability. It has evolved into a Community Partnership between the City, Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Fredericton Inc., and Business Fredericton North. The program currently has more than 80 member businesses

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