Sunday, October 02, 2011

Green Shops Gold Medals Presented To City Businesses

Photo of Green Shops Gold Medals WinnersFredericton (September 26, 2011) – Seven city businesses were honoured by Mayor Brad Woodside today for achieving gold medals – the highest status possible - in Fredericton’s Green Shops program.

"The Green Shops members being recognized this evening serve as a wonderful example of how the business community in our city have embraced environmental sustainability," said Mayor Woodside as he presented gold medals to Brewbakers Restaurant, Cedar Tree Café, Delta Reservations Call Centre, Delta Fredericton, Fredericton Wellness Clinic, What on Earth Jewellers, and Precision Pilates. "These businesses are being rewarded for their sustainable actions which improve their bottom line and foster e a culture of environmental responsibility here in Fredericton".

Some of the actions taken by the medal recipients include:

  • Brewbakers Restaurant installed energy efficient appliances, and provides compostable takeout containers;
  • Cara Berube at Precision Pilates encourages active transportation, and runs a paperless business;
  • Cedar Tree Café purchases most of their produce, as well as honey, flour, cheese and meat locally;
  • Delta Fredericton Hotel follows the Delta Greens corporate program to implement initiatives such as waste reduction, and water conservation
  • Delta Reservations Call Centre created a recycling centre, and eliminated individual desk waste baskets, thus reducing overall waste;
  • The Fredericton Wellness Clinic practices alternative health management, and promotes natural therapies and products to help restore balance in their clients’ lives; and,
  • What On Earth Jewellers recently moved in to their brand new building, which is highly energy efficient and only takes up 65% of its land plot, keeping the rest as natural forest.

This is just a sample of what the medal recipients have accomplished to earn gold medal status.

Green Shops was created by the City of Fredericton three years ago as a way to encourage the business community to embrace environmental sustainability. It has evolved into a Community Partnership between the City, Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Fredericton Inc., and Business Fredericton North. The program currently has more than 80 member businesses.

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