Friday, September 10, 2010

Urban Art Event To Be Held During the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival

Urban artists from all over the Maritimes are coming to Fredericton to participate in a unique demonstration of their work for two days during the upcoming Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival.

Temporary walls will be set up along Queen Street on Friday, September 17 and Saturday, September 18 where these artists will demonstrate their art for thousands of Festival goers.

“The goal of this project is the promotion of more appropriate forums for the expression of urban art,” said Fredericton Police Cst. Dennis Van Ember who chairs the Urban Art Demonstration organizing committee. “A free urban art wall will also be set up where local youth will be encouraged to work alongside these artists,”

The urban art event is the work of a committee that includes business owners, the art community, social services agencies, and the Fredericton Police Force. Supplies for this event are being provided by sponsors Kent Building Supplies and Endeavors Art Supplies.

“We are really excited about giving youth in our community an inclusive opportunity to express themselves in this way,” said Cst. Van Ember. “By providing this fun and unique outlet for creativity, we hope to discourage future acts of vandalism throughout the city.”

The panels, when completed, will be placed at venues throughout the city for public viewing.

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