Friday, September 10, 2010

Photo of No Charge to Ride Any City Bus on Free Transit Day

No Charge to Ride Any City Bus on Free Transit Day

Saturday, September 18, is Free Transit Day in the City of Fredericton when you can ride any comfortable, convenient Fredericton Transit bus all day without paying a cent.
“City Council has made a commitment to sustainability by encouraging alternative forms of transportation, said Mayor Brad Woodside. “There’s no better time to take advantage of this safe and environmentally friendly way to travel than Free Transit Day.”
This is the third straight year the City has offered a Free Transit Day. Once again this year it has been scheduled to work in tandem with the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival’s green plan, which includes its own Park and Ride program. The festival is expected to attract thousands of music fans to the downtown core and taking the bus is a safe, smart option, said Mayor Woodside.
“Try out our transit system and see how easy it can be to travel anywhere in the City,” he said. “Leave your vehicle home and we’ll get you to the festival, to work, to school or anywhere else in the City.”
Fredericton Transit operates 28 buses on nine routes, Monday to Saturday, 6:15 a.m. until 11 p.m., providing safe, affordable transportation.
The City's transit system, like others in the country, is designed to transport people from area to area, not door to door. The goal is to have buses travel along interconnected routes, moving passengers between residential and commercial areas of the city. In an effort to maintain a balance between municipal subsidy and transit fees, the goal is a 35-45 per cent cost recovery from users of the service.

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