Thursday, July 22, 2010

Smooth Sailing at FredRock Meeting
(excerpts from article published in the Daily Gleaner, July 22/10)

The organizers of the FredRock music festival say they're thrilled with the enthusiastic response they've received from neighbours and businesses on the city's north side. Before the inaugural 2009 event occurred, neighbours living in the nearby Sunshine Garden area raised concerns about noise levels and potential parking problems.

But so far, it appears to be smooth sailing. A small crowd attended a public meeting earlier this week - a gathering to allow any interested parties to ask questions, gather details, or make suggestions about the FredRock plans.

Ward 3 Coun. Mike O'Brien said he thinks this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. "I think they've found, potentially, a new home for that event," he said. "Only time will tell, after it rolls out, but it looks like they have a really good master plan in place for security, crowd control and transportation and it really seems, at least as of today, that the local community is really supportive of it."

O'Brien said he's been impressed with the way the organizers have handled the planning for last year's concert and the upcoming festival. "I asked them for a few commitments, which was to run a first-class act like I knew they would, and to keep the community informed," he said.
"They've done both and the people who were there (the other night), although it was a very small crowd, certainly seemed pleased with what they heard about security and the access in and out of the area.

"The organizers are committed to doing a good job. They want to find a permanent home for this festival. I have full confidence that they'll take care of everything." He said it's going to be a great time for music-lovers, and it should also provided a significant boost to the local economy.

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