Friday, July 23, 2010

Residents Oppose Building Height
(excerpts from article publicshed in Daily Gleaner July 23/10)

Residents of a north side community trying to rebuild its heritage housing stock opposed the proposed construction of a four-storey apartment building at 453 Bowlen St.

Developer Eric Price, who built a smaller apartment at Bowlen and Hayes streets seven years ago, pledged to create a top-notch development.
"I've had tremendous positive feedback since I built that building," Price said. "It turned out to be a beautiful building."

Price said he could put up a seven-storey building in the mixed use district zone which applies to the Union Street planning area, but he appreciates the investment surrounding property owners have put into rehabilitating their homes.

He said he purchased a home on Bowlen Street because he likes the area.
Price said he will rehabilitate the part of the property which was a former service station and consolidate two separate parcels of land into one lot to build 20, two-bedroom units in a four-storey structure.

"I think redeveloping that site is certainly something that will improve the neighbourhood," said planning advisory committee member Geoff Colter. "It's been an eyesore that corner for years and years and years."

Wayne Gunter, a property owner who has been working with the city and a community group eager to rehabilitate the Union Street area, said neighbours are concerned about the height of the building. "We feel that this is not the way to go," Gunter said. "This is going to be so dominant."
The building will not enhance the area's heritage characteristics and will diminish the historic homes nearby, Gunter said.

City planners said in a report handed to the planning advisory committee that they will work with Price to refine the design of his proposed apartment building.

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