Thursday, March 11, 2010

Police Present 2009 Crime Statistics Report (Abbreviated version of a Daily Gleaner article published March 11/10)

A hike in common assaults and sexual assaults in 2009 will warrant a more detailed crime analysis, says Fredericton police Chief Barry MacKnight. Sexual assault cases rose to 65 last year from a five-year high of 47 in 2008. Common assault cases increased 29 per cent to 383 incidents, up from 276 cases in 2008.

Sexual assaults are influenced by many factors that go beyond routine police enforcement, but police can work with community agencies and partners to try to support education on the topic, MacKnight said.

Break and enters dropped to 240 cases last year, the lowest number in the last 16 years.It was the third consecutive year for a decline. As well, robberies were down 32 per cent to 25 cases in 2009.

Drug charges have increased and that's a positive statistic because it shows stepped up enforcement by police, MacKnight said. Crimes against property, which make up 67 per cent of reported crimes in Fredericton, remained stable.

Total impaired driving offences increased three per cent in 2009 compared to 2008. The police force issued 11,325 traffic tickets in 2009 with the majority for speeding. There was an 81 per cent increase in the number of vehicles ticketed for not being properly registered.

There were a total of 24,459 calls for police services last year.

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