Friday, March 19, 2010

City Art Projects Receive Funding (condensed version of an article published by the Daily Gleaner, March 19/10)
Six projects have been selected for funding under the Fredericton community arts project.

Greg Charlton will receive $15,000 for a sculptural"Camera Obscura" structure designed for Fredericton's downtown.Pamela Nelson will receive $7,500 for the Where I Am From art project that will see youths and elders working together on a multidisciplinary art project using poetry and images.

Jonathan Collicott has been awarded $14,500 for an experimental short film entitled Heavenly Gifts: A Silent Musical. Paula Keppie will get $5,000 for Story Mantles, which will use art as a life tool with local women making life transitions from abusive situations.

Jillian Acreman has been awarded $5,000 for her film The Editor to tell the story of a retired film editor who tries to physically edit out the bad parts of his life to die with a clean slate. Joel LeBlanc will get $15,000 to create an improvisational community choir using both professional artists and amateur singers,in his project entitled Improvising Community Choir and Hockey Game.

The Fredericton Community Arts Project is a partnership of the New Brunswick Arts Board, the Department of Wellness Culture and Sport and the City of Fredericton through Canadian Heritage's Cultural Capitals of Canada program.

This one-year program sees its partners contributing money that's intended to increase the sources of revenue available to professional artists and artists' collectives in the City of Fredericton.

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