Wednesday, February 08, 2012


08 FEB 2012

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities and Local Governments for Sustainability on Tuesday recognized the City of Fredericton for achieving five milestones for corporate and community action in the Partners for Climate Protection program at a special ceremony in Ottawa.

Berry Vrbanovic, federation president and councillor for the City of Kitchener, Ont., hosted the ceremony as part of federation’s 2012 sustainable communities conference.

“We continue to be proud of efforts in this area,” said Mayor Brad Woodside.“We have been at this for a long time now. As a municipal government, we have proven ourselves at the corporate level and our residents have made a difference at the community level. More than ever, our plan is to continue on the road to sustainability.”

Municipalities influence more than 44 per cent of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions. The partners for climate protection program is committed to reducing those levels.

Member municipalities progress through a series of five milestones that help them to build their capacity to reduce greenhouse gases. They must create an emissions inventory and forecast, develop a local action plan, implement the local action plan or a set of activities, monitor progress and report results.

The city has been involved with partners for climate protection since 2001. Fredericton is one of only five cities in Canada to reach all five milstones.

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