Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Himu Mukherjee Named Fredericton Business Ambassador of the Year
(November 16, 2010)

Himanshu Kumar Mukherjee was named 2010 Ambassador of the Year during the annual Fredericton Business Ambassador Awards ceremony held Tuesday evening at City Hall.

Mr. Mukherjee won the award based on his efforts working with a potential business lead for the City. He provided support and guidance to an immigrant, who is in the process of relocating his business and family to Fredericton. Mr. Mukherjee has also helped a number of people immigrate to Fredericton, assisting them in finding a place to live and work, and for teaching them about the City.

To help facilitate awareness about Fredericton, Mr. Mukherjee helped coordinate official visits of the High Commissioner of India and the Consulate General of India to Fredericton. He readily distributes the City's marketing tools, and also recruited two people into the Ambassador Program.

“Himu has been a tremendous resource for immigrant families looking to relocate to Fredericton,” said Mayor Woodside. “He has provided our marketing tools to new arrivals and ongoing support to potential immigrants overseas. He is a very deserving winner of this prestigious award.”

Mr. Mukherjee received a crystal award and two nights at the Marriott Eastside hotel in New York City valued at $1,000 courtesy of Marriott Global Reservation Sales & Customer Care, and airfare valued at $750 courtesy of the Fredericton International Airport Authority and Enterprise Fredericton.

This is not the first honour bestowed on Mr. Mukherjee by the City of Fredericton. Earlier this year he was one of nine recipients of the City’s 2010 Unsung Hero Awards, which are presented annually to deserving individuals who have worked behind the scenes so that others may enjoy community-based recreational and leisure activities.

Joe Crummey was named First Runner-Up for helping 17 people (four families) immigrate to Fredericton, and contribute to our workforce.
Wendy Southworth was named Second Runner-Up based on her distribution of the City’s marketing tools during her travels to Portland, Maine, New York City and Boston.

Jutha Kruanop-phakhun was named Third Runner-Up, and was selected based on her immigration efforts and distribution of marketing tools. She helped an immigrant couple considering opening a bed and breakfast buy a home and find a lawyer. She also distributed the City’s marketing tools during her trips to China and Thailand to promote Fredericton.

The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise Fredericton assisted with the selection of the Ambassador Award winners, and consideration was based on lead generation, population-growth initiatives, distribution of marketing tools and ambassador recruitment. The Ambassador Program was founded in 2003 by Laurie Guthrie, Economic Development Officer with the City, and has since grown to 402 members.

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